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How to interpret collective aggregated judgments?

In Alan Garfinkel, Cognitive Biases, Lev Muchnik, Sean J. Taylor, Sinan Aral, Social Epistemology, Steve Fuller, The Nature of Reasoning on 20 December, 2013 at 17:00

Why is it important for us to be able to explain social laws and patterns? Perhaps the most basic answer is that we want to be able to explain social laws because, ultimately, we can change them — Alan Garfinkel, Forms of Explanation (1981, 180)

Our digital society increasingly relies in the power of others’ aggregated judgments to make decisions. Questions as diverse as which film we will watch, what scientific news we will decide to read, which path we will follow to find a place, or what political candidate we will vote for are usually associated to a rating that influences our final decisions. Read the rest of this entry »